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Anonymous said: Hey, your septum looks really good on you! :~)

Thank u!!!! I love how you did “:~)” that’s my fav smiley

i am trying to remember which bands i saw 2013, 2014+:

  • now, now
  • the front bottoms
  • the menzingers
  • sugar ray
  • foxing

bands i will see:

  • joyce manor
  • hopefully riot fest
  • modern baseball w/ the story so far, the wonder years, gnarwolves
  • dads w/ tiny moving parts, nai harvest, pity sex

i’m turning 22 in 8 days

my best friend is taking me today to get my septum pierce

i’m very excited but scared

i saw the boy i liked 3 days ago and told me i was cute and liked my hair

i might be going to riot fest as prez from my parents